We are two co-workers turned gal pals coping w/neurotic tendencies while being wifies, mommies and podcasting about true crime & anything that makes u say, WTF!!! We also have tea time ,which is a mini episode where we talk about random WTF current events.

OCDivas’ Glossary:
  • Tea Time: Is a mini episode where we talk about current true crime and WTF stories during our lunch break.
  • Mullet Podcast Format: Business in the front (beginning) of the podcast and party at the back (end), just like a mullet.
  • Mommy Brain Moment (MBM): When our brains for mush and we forget everything.
  • Bitching the Pot: Is Victorian¬†for “Pour the Tea” aka “Spill the Tea” aka”Sharing the Gossip”