The Inside Scope

Rey and I have been co-workers for 4 years. We have become closer in the last year as we realized we both have a fascination for true crime. She introduced me to the podcast: My Favorite Murder. I am obsessed and binge listen whenever I can. Mostly on my commute to work and back. This podcast captures our love of true crime, comedy, and “spilling some tea”.

For months, the idea of starting a podcast was just an idea. Until Rey called me on June 28, 2018, and said, “I know the name of our podcast…Obsessively Compulsive Divas…OCDivas for short.” I immediately knew this was it. That name fits us to a tee. It was time to turn this idea to reality.

Within an hour of the idea, I purchased a URL, set-up the email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; well kind of set-up Instagram, that is another blog in itself. (I will link it here once I write it.)

Rey was so optimistic while I was being a pessimist and had so many what-ifs. Luckily, Rey has continued to reassure me that we got this. The journey of researching what we need to start a podcast has begun.

Stay tuned, Mel.

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One thought on “The Inside Scope

  1. Peacesign4U says:

    Hello Rei and Mel,

    Just ran into your podcast and it’s very entertaining. I listened to a new one and it made me want to go back to the older ones. You ladies are brilliant. Consider me a fan.

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