The Obsession Begins

Rei and I were planning on posting our first blog after we recorded the first podcast episode. Although, our OCD tendencies have made that process longer than we thought. We are both mommies with full-time jobs. Trying to fit in research of the equipment to purchase; going to work; feeding the family; entertaining the kiddos; getting the nails did, spilling some tea, sipping some wine, and satisfying the hubbies, all while staying sane, has become challenging.

There is so much more that goes into starting up a podcast, I decided to write about a couple of the bumps before my mommy brain takes over and I forget it all.

We both keep reading and watching YouTube reviews, asking questions on Reddit, and picking the brains of friends and their friends. Why can’t we just wiggle our nose? Because as Colin Powell said, ”a dream doesn’t become reality through magic, it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.”

Anyways, the more information we gather the more questions we form. Originally, we were going to purchase the mics, cables, mixer, mic stands, and pop filters. We already have the editing software: Garage Band. Right when we found the items to purchase, we get advice to purchase an audio interface rather than a mixer. What the hell? Isn’t a mixer and an interface the same thing?? Nope, two different pieces of equipment. So back to YouTube it is with researching the differences. Then we are asked if we plan to buy a recorder. Huh!? A what? I thought we could just use our laptops to store the file. So there we go again looking more in-depth of what will with best for us.

We are becoming so obsessed with getting the right equipment, we keep questioning ourselves. Maybe we just need to make the purchase and get our hands dirty. Hey, it took WD-40 forty attempts before it was invented. Although, we are hoping we don’t have to go to that extreme.

So far we have purchased the below microphones and headphones. The Focusrite interface we decided on is on backorder. Of course!

Hope our first episode is coming soon!


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